Wednesday, September 19, 2007

tiny boy in a huge bed

so, as i'm typiung this i'm leaning as far back in the deskk chauir as I can, with him alseep on my shoulder. he's become quite the little

co=dependant guy . . .doesn't want to sleeep unless one ov us is holding him. Sorry abotu the spelling . . . cant' reach the backspace bottun from here.

here's the photos from his room now that it's finished. hes slept in his big bed twice for daytime baps but i'mn keeping im in our room at nite since e's not sleepng thru yet. hes' back in the bassinet, tho, because kev was starting to wrry that josiah will be able ot tip out of the swilng soon . . . hes' an active sleeper nad doesn't liek to stay in one position for long. \\

okay, enjoy the pix of his room. i took his 2 mos portraits this week and will post them as soon as i gaet them postprocessed . . . photoshop here i come. I also hjad a senior shoot last weekend that i'm finisheing up so i'll b e glued to this computer for awhile. better go see if i can la y him down for the rest of his nap. too hard to use the mous e with him crushing my shoulder muschles.


Jered said...

OK, I like it ... a spin on "fat guy in a little coat."

What a fun room he has to grow into! Thanks for sharing. And thsnkd fro ntot beign ftotsoo picky aoubrt yofur spfeliing.

eagleton4 said...

These are so cute. His nursery is adorable!

eagleton4 said...

These are so cute. His nursery is adorable!

Bella said...

Cute nursery Peas! And, the post with mispelings is perfictly undrstandbale while holding a liddle one....I unfortunatley just mispel withour baby in arms....ikes!