Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Apple to Apple Pie

This was our weekend. My parents have a fabulous apple tree in their back yard and 2 years ago we started the tradition of getting together one evening and "putting up apple pies".

Dad cores,
I peel and slice,

Gennie and Mom make the goo and bag the end results,

and Kev and Josiah watched the football game.

We don't put them in crusts yet because the crust gets ruined when you try to defrost it . . . I don't know how the Mrs. Smith's people do it . . . we just make all the fillling and freeze the bags and then defrost them as needed. The first year we did it we had more than 160 apples to do . . . 12 pies worth . . . but last year they only got about 13 apples total so we just ate those with carmel apple dip. This year we did 105 apples and got 8 pies done.

And of course we had to bake one while we were working . . . the smell of apple pie baking really got us motivated to make more . . . and we all ate it when we were done.

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