Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a busy week

So, we've been doing 4th birthday and 6 month portraits this week. Here's a quick peek:
We also had Ethan and Avah over to do friends pictures.

If the boys were in the suitcase, of course the girls had to be . . . and so our day went. We started them on Monday and I finished up Josiah's today. Hard to be at the whim of a 6 month old boy. I borrowed the jewelry from a friend so the girls could play dress up and they had a blast digging in the suitcase and trying on the bling. I did some of Josiah in his little bathrobe and bare buns, too, but haven't gotten to edit them yet. Can't wait to show how red Josiah's hair looks, too. The lights really picked it up this time. More to come!

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Samantha said...

WOW!! Those looks amazing! I LOVE the one of the boys in the suitcase and the one of girls digging through the goods! You are so talented! Happy heart day! :)