Friday, February 29, 2008

some recent Gennie cuteness

So, since the last few posts have had just Josiah in them, here are a few of Gennie's recent antics. We finally got a space cleared in the front room for her to get out her Dora Dance Party Mat from Papa and Marilyn. It came with a Dora outfit (shown), maracas, a plastic mat with all the Dance Adventure places marked on it, and a DVD of Dora's Dance Adventure. In the photo she is inside the pyramid dancing like the ants. This is her new fav thing to do for right now, and she has insisted on wearing the outfit for a least part of everyday this week. Good thing it's washable.

And here she discovered that when you take off your silky pajama pants and put them over the heater vent, they poof up when the heater comes on. She disappeared for a while the other day and when I went looking for her, I found her half naked, hovering over the heater in the bathroom, making "balloons" out of her pj's. Discovery! Never mind that we were leaving for somewhere in 10 minutes and she was supposed to have been getting dressed and ready to head out. It's hard to get mad at her for wasting time when she gets soooooo excited about what she discovers.

Kev's b'day pix and other fun still to come. Stay tuned!

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