Thursday, February 28, 2008

Josiah at 7 months

So, I figured I'd better get this on here before I forget. Seven months already!
- can sit up by himself, finally.
- wants to be on his blanket surrounded by his toys. Gone are the days of bouncing in his saucer.
- can hold his bottle by himself, although more formula ends up on his clothes than in his stomach.
- has tried all the 1st foods except prunes. No need to temp fate.
- has 4 teeth - 3 on the bottom and one top - and is cutting his top front teeth, AT THE SAME TIME. Bad news.
- has no interest in crawling still but will pull himself up on anything within reach. Time to lower his crib.
- will stand forever on your lap or on the floor as long as he has something to hold on to, even tv trays. Bad idea.
- has decided the best way to get me to come get him after nap is to yell, "mamamamamama" at the top of his lungs until I appear. First word?
- is loved thoroughly by his family!

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