Friday, September 26, 2008

I couldn't have said it better...

So, Kev has been running himself ragged all week setting up the computers for the school district testing . . . he's in charge of his school's comp lab and has to log in more than 100 computers EVERY morning this week and next, before school so they are ready when classes start . . . not to mention deal with EVERY crash and malfunction and the everyday stupidness of computers. And he leaves Sunday for 3 days of School Improvement Conference in Cheyenne. You know the worst part? He keeps rubbing it in that he gets to have Olive Garden while he's there and I don't. Big jerk.

I have 5 senior sessions, one newborn, one family and one wedding in the next 2 weeks . . . the seniors have to be edited, printed and sent by the students to the yearbook by Oct 15 . . . and I'm SOOOOO excited about all of them. I'm really just trying not to think about how much that really is and hoping that I'll squeeze in some sleep somewhere in there. Photoshopping without sleep can turn out some really fun portraits but only if the person is into abstract art.

More later, when we've resurfaced.

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