Saturday, January 10, 2009

mom, stop taking my picture.

So, one of these will probably end up as my photo for yesterday. He was such a cuddly little guy while Gennie was at school that I thought I'd try to capture some of that cuddliness - yeah, not so much. I only tried for a few minutes before he turned into such a little monster. No actual words were exchanged, but you'll get the idea of how the event unraveled:
Me: I'll just get that binky out of there so it's not in EVERY PHOTO I have of him.
Josiah: Where does she think she's going with my binky?
Me: Look at me, bud! Up here!
Josiah: No, really, give it back. Yeah, that thing in your hand, that you're swinging around over your head so I'll look up. Yeah, that one.

Me: Put your finger down and look at me. I don't want a photo of your finger. And sit still. You're gonna fall off that chair. Now, look up here!

Josiah: GIVE IT BACK! I'm not gonna smile ever again if you don't hand it over. And just to show you I'm serious, I'm gonna jump off this chair and scream. How does that sound?Yeah, that was pretty much the end of it. Once he gets out this Little Rabid Shark face and shows all 104 teeth in there, there's no reason to press the issue. Another day, maybe.

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