Friday, January 16, 2009

a small rant - brought to you by a Bad Night's Sleep.

So, I got really done with all the drama surrounding the Project 365 thing I wrote about a few posts back. People were getting impatient and demanding and just all around ridiculous, some paying upwards of $280 for the kit . . . for some page protectors, a few stickers and a set of fancy journaling cards . . . and FYI, that's more than 7x what the original kit was being sold for . . . something tells me the economy isn't as bad as they keep telling us, at least not in scrapbookland. The creators of the kit posted a few really fun downloads of the designs for the kit and since I have Photoshop I was able to make some changes in the colors used and just use stuff from my existing stash . . . personally I could have made up many, many kits of my own and sold them just from what is currently sitting in my closet. So I, like many other people who got tired of waiting for the company to get their stuff in order, decided to do it on my own. I'm still gonna have fun even if they are not going to help me. The whole thing was just a good idea gone horribly bad, and I hope that the company learned from their mistake.

In other scrapbooking news, one of my fav magazines decided the economy is too yucky and is closing down for good. I hate it when other people make decisions for us because they think it may be necessary. I would rather have had the option of continuing my subscription or not depending on my own economic situation, not just "I'm sorry, we think you won't buy this anymore."

Now, I know that in the grand scheme of things anything at all related to scrapbooking is small beans but I do love it so that it filters into many other parts of my life. And if nothing else, it is a HUGE creative outlet for me . . . and that alone is enough. As Kev says often, "Well, at least it keeps you off the streets."

Sorry for this somewhat dumping of a post . . . I didn't get much sleep last night as Gennie finally caught the stomach bug that we've all been delighted with this past week (seriously, can't we all just get better and be done with it?) so I slept on the trundle bed in her room. Different bed, different room, constantly on the alert for the next round of heaving . . . doesn't lead to much rest. I promise I'll try to be better tomorrow - and it will be about the really important stuff, like crochet or what TV shows I watched - you know, high priority. Yeah . . .

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