Thursday, February 26, 2009

happy birthday kev.

So, Kev's a whole year older. Indeed, for the next few days we are again the same age until my birthday on Sunday. But since I refuse to acknowledge the number linked to my next birthday, let's concentrate on Kev.
He didn't want a big fuss . . . he never does . . . and after all these years together I've finally got him to accept that (1) I'm going to wish him Happy Birthday again and again all day long and (2) he's going to have a celebration of some kind, even if it's just family eating supper and watching as he pretends not to enjoy opening his presents.

Case in point:
And here again we see his enthusiasm for the whole experience:Not quite a growl, although I'm glad I was all the way over here taking the picture. We had Poppyseed Chicken with asparagus and noodles for supper with my parents . . . Kev's current favorite comfort food. Then he got to open his presents, including a movie for the Blu-Ray and an art project from Gennie. The kids helped him open his big gift from all of us:

A Playstation 2. He thought about asking for a PS3 but we already have a Blu-Ray and with the older console he can get the games way cheaper . . . he's such a saver!

For dessert he wanted my Grandma's Peanutbutter Dessert . . . yes, called that because we have no idea what the real name of it was . . . I lost the recipe years ago and had to make it up from memory . . . this round tasted way better than other ones I've made:

Josiah loved it also, and was not content with the amount I gave him so he cleaned his plate to make room for more:

The night ended with a bath for Josiah after which Kev's dad called to say Happy Birthday. I love you, Kev.

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Jered said...

since I refuse to acknowledge the number linked to my next birthday

Happy 2nd 29th birthday, then.