Friday, February 6, 2009

back in the saddle, so to speak.

So, we've been having computer problems for the last week or so. Could it possibly have been my fault....we have an 80 gig hard drive and when Kev installed my new Photoshop CS4 program we had 3G left of usable space....upon further investigation it turns out that my desktop, which holds any and all photos I had taken since 2005, was taking up 40G all by itself....maybe I take too many photos? Anyway, I've been burning backup discs like crazy to relieve some of the space problem before it crashes completely and it looks like we're back on track. In the meantime, blogger wasn't letting me post and my website email was down . . . not really my week. But we did have fun things going on - we had our first Superbowl Party watched on Kev's new HDTV and we did Josiah's 18 month portraits with his best friend Ethan. I'll get those edited as soon as I can but here are two totally cute shots to tempt you:

I love this one because it looks like they are texting each other. In reality Ethan has the old- school phone from the play kitchen and Josiah has the button panel from the microwave - both have fun little songs they play when you push the buttons which I think is why they love them so much. Boys of the Millenium.

And this one was kind of a fluke. I showed Kev the shots when he got home yesterday and he was totally intrigued by this one. I didn't think it was all that special because he doesn't look that happy . . . and was begging for a Goldfish cracker . . . but Kev loved it. He says it really looks like Josiah right now -- not really upset, just wanting to be picked up so he can sit with you for the 5 seconds of his attention span then wanting to get down again until he's ready to do the whole thing over again. (This is why I don't cull photos well - I'd hate to throw out the one that may not seem like anything now because later I may realize how great it really is. And I love that Kev has such an eye for photography!)

More to come. I promise!

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The Washburns said...

awwwwwww...those are two really stinkin cute boys! I love the story about Dave too!