Friday, February 27, 2009

meet my new friend.

and yeah, I'm not so happy to introduce you. Most people know of my unfailing love of and devotion to Dr. Pepper, how I have chosen it as my drink of choice for more than 20 years now, how I would happily bypass the digestion portion if I could just have it poured in by IV. Sadly, that wonderful part of my life is passing.

In honor of my upcoming birthday . . . and the number associated with it . . . my loving husband insisted that I get a physical to make sure my blood levels are all in order (high cholesterol runs in my fam, as well as other things like thyroid problems and you know, cancer). So reluctantly I made the appt and went in to see the dr. After waiting a week for the results . . . yes, a week full of Kev saying, "You know, he's probably going to say you can't eat that anymore either." . . . love that man . . . I went back to hear the news and I'm happy to say that all is in good condition with the exception of my cholesterol (no big surprise) and more importantly my triglycerides. The total choles. was 219 which is too high but not an instant death threat; however, my trigly. were off the charts, more than 100 points over the very top of the "okay" scale. Yay for overachieving!

Doc said I'm in no way a cardiac risk at this time, but I do have to start getting serious about getting the levels down. Breads and potatoes . . . my two most favorite things in the whole world . . . are now scaled way, way back and sugars too although I've never had much problem consuming too much sweet stuff . . . I much prefer salty. Leafy greens are now the order of the day, tho I'm still not sure how I'm gonna get those since produce sucks here in the high desert.

And I'm forced to say goodbye to my beloved Dr. Pepper. I don't care what they say: Diet Dr Pepper is NOT the same. It doesn't taste bad, but they should have just named it something entirely different because they aren't fooling anyone. And to add insult to injury, I'm too cheap to buy the real stuff so I'm stuck with Diet Generic Non-Cola Pop. It doesn't taste like anything at all, but I really can't abide the taste of Diet Coke so I guess I'll just suffer. Kev came home the other day and saw it in the fridge and just shook his head . . . "you can't just give up pop altogether?" . . . no, honey, it's called addiction, remember? :)

I may cheat now and again if we're at a restaurant and get a real glass of Liquid Crack, but I've resolved to give this new situation my best. I'd like to be around when the kids grow up.

And so I say farewell to my adored companion. It's been a fantastic run. Sleep well. Good night.

Oh, and did I mention I get to take 4 Fish Oil pills a day from now on? Back off, Nemo. I hate fish.

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