Wednesday, May 13, 2009

back soon.

So, Gennie's preschool year is winding down - only this week and MW of next then she's done. I'll have plenty to say then, but for now you'll just have to be patient. Currently I'm completely entwined in three skeins of yarn, trying desperately to finish this blanket for a baby shower this weekend. I found out about it last Sunday at church and started the blanket when we got home . . . it's about 1/3 done now so I'm not letting myself do anything else until it's done. Kids, fend for yourselves. It's time you learned to hunt and gather on your own.

Oh, and this Friday is the end of the year Circus at the preschool. All the kids are performers and Gennie chose to be a Bare-back Rider. Ah, those undiscovered talents. Photos of that to follow.

For now it's back to the yarn pile for me. I'll crawl out now and again to make sure the kids are at least still on the premises.

Wish me luck.

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