Saturday, May 2, 2009

josiah's new toy.

So, owing to his complete and utter fascination with cleaning in general and vaccuum cleaners specifically, we bought him one for his very own last night. We had been wanting to get one that actually looked like the real thing, not some toy version that sings with lights flashing and is altogether annoying, so we searched high and low to find this gem. By high and low, of course I mean on every toy aisle in Walmart, because that's really all we have here. We had all but given up when we rounded the corner and spotted this beauty, a Dirt Devil Jr., stuffed onto the bottom shelf between the kid-sized ironing boards and laundry baskets . . . and all that was missing were the spotlights and the angel choir radiating the Hallelujah Chorus.
We got it home and made him sit thru supper before he could try it out and of course it was an adventure to get it out of the box . . . do toy manufacturers really think we could sneak this out of the store tucked up inside our jackets? A DVD or some books I can understand, but who wouldn't see this coming? Anyway, as soon as it was wrestled free of its box Josiah was on it, trying out all the knobs and switches and hoses. The front part detaches to be a Hand Vac and it actually sucks up dust just like the packaging said, as he ran it into Kopper and was rewarded with a tuft of fur swirling around inside the window.

When it was bedtime the theatrics were legendary, rivaling the fit he threw after the Easter Breakfast when Jared was done vaccuuming the sanctuary of the church . . . those of you who were there will never forget that performance, I'm sure. I finally got it away from him and while I stripped him down and got him into his pajamas, Kev hid it in the closet. He finally fell asleep from the shear exhaustion of crying and repeating the word Vaccuum!!! again and again. And as you can see, this morning he couldn't be bothered to get dressed, let alone eat, before he was banging on the closet door and demanding to see if it was still there. At least my floors will always be clean, between this and the broom he got for Christmas. Teach 'em early, I say.
Oh, and did I mention that he woke up crying in the night and when I picked him up he looked pointedly at me and asked, "Vaccuum?" Go crazy, kid.

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Jered said...

Loved the visual of the spotlights and the choir. I am always more than happy to add this into any appropriate situation. I don't know how many fans there are of my falsetto hallelujahs.