Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a circus performer

So, here's our bareback rider! She was so excited for the circus that she barely slept the night before. We don't really have anything that could be considered real "cowgirl wear" but she was supposed to come in costume so we ransacked her closet for anything that looked western. And found the hat at Walmart the morning before -- thanks Kendra!!
They decorated the classroom like a Big Top . . . and who doesn't love parachutes!!! . . . and marched in a parade to begin the event. She was crazy nervous and didn't smile until they came around again and she saw me.
The bare-back riders were the last to perform and Josiah was pretty much done with the circus by then . . . they had pushed all the play equipment into the corner to make room for the parents but he still spotted the slide and demanded that he get a turn. My dad got to come with us so he kept Josiah busy while I took pictures. But since I didn't think he'd last the whole time (Josiah, not my dad) I didn't bring my big camera so these are a little blurrier than I like. Still cute, tho.

She got her face painted, too, so that really made the day. And there was popcorn and lemonade afterwards . . . can't beat it. Oh, and they charged admission to pay the performers -- she made a whole $3 and can't wait to get to the store to spend it. There's been talk of getting a horse-head-on-a-stick for the house . . . doesn't every household need one?
Grad photos to come!

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