Monday, June 8, 2009

recent crafty-ness

So, most of my close friends here are either currently preggo or have just had a baby, as in "in the last 2 months." And while I'm resisting the strong urges to jump on that particular bandwagon right now . . . I do still have one in diapers, after all . . . I can't help wishing we were making plans for another little pea. The good thing is that all my friends have been magnanimous (there's your $10 word for today!) in happily receiving blankies from me. (I try to not make them ugly so the recipient will actually want to use them, and since I've received no complaints so far - at least not to my face - I'm pretty well convinced that the blankies are a welcomed gift.) Here's a few I finished recently:

This taggie was for Valerie's new Mr. J. I made my very first taggie blanket for his brother Ethan so I thought he needed one of his own. Also, my very favoritest of all ribbons to this day is included on this blankie but you can't see it that well. Oh, I do have a close-up of it:

I just LOVE the colors and texture of it . . . I could rub my fingers on it all day. I also made Valerie some edged receiving blankets and a amigurumi giraffe . . . that's what they call "crocheted animals/dolls" . . . apparently the patterns come from Japan . . . but I didn't get any photos of it or the elephant I made for Kendra. I'm a dink, I know. This one was for Shannon's baby girl who has yet to make her appearance. Their colors are yellow and blue with ducky stuff . . . sound familiar, family? . . . so I found this duck pattern and tried it out.

Now Gennie wants a duck for her very own. She obviously has no memory of the mountains of duck stuff I collected before she was born . . . I should get out those photos for her.

There's been more crafty-ness, but the recipient hasn't found out the baby's gender yet so I'm holding out just to make sure I don't spoil the baby shower surprise. More to come!

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The Washburns said...

Boy that's a cute duck!!!! And a beautiful blanket to boot...Claire is a lucky girl!!!