Sunday, June 7, 2009

"dah, da-da-da, daaaah, daaaah"

So, with Pomp & Circumstance playing in the background, I present the graduation photos.

I hope I haven't played them up too much . . . there's only 5 photos because not much went on.

She was really nervous to march in with her class, until she saw Kev in the crowd and me on the sidelines:
The class performed 2 songs for us, complete with hand and body motions, and made the teachers get up and do them, too:
This song was extra special because it included chicken-wing arms and a butt-wiggle!

They each got their diploma and an actual tassle on their hats that says 2009 . . . thank you Oriental Trading Company!

And afterwards . . . literally 30 min. from start to finish . . . we were done and off to celebrate with ice cream.
Now, how do I tell her that before she starts big school she has to have the rest of her shots? Not looking forward to that convo. :)

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The Washburns said...

Awww wish I could have seen the butt wiggle song! :)