Friday, March 26, 2010

Project #3

So, since I counted the Teddy-Go-Round in my 31 Projects, here's a look at project 3.

We haven't told her yet but we're going to Disneyland this summer! I wanted something for her to get the characters' autographs . . . but I really didn't want to pay for the little autograph books they sell there because I'm too cheap . . . so I put together this little mini book.
Each page has a pre-placed photo spot and an area for the signature . . . with room for the stamp they use for the characters who wear gloves (Buzz Lightyear, Pluto, etc.)
Some inside pages:
And I'm hoping that if I ask them to sign by the "X" they won't write across the photo spots:
I found several fonts I love, like this "Minnie" one and back on the inside cover that Disneyland is called "Started By A Mouse." I cut the letters out with my Silhouette machine and hand-cut the little Mickey ears, then ran them through my Xyron sticker-maker.For the back cover, I found a sticker like this on a random website and LOVED IT so I hunted through fonts until I found one close enough and cut it out.
Sorry about the random reflection on the covers - I laminated them with those self-laminating sheets and they are CRAZY shiny in real life. I don't usually use lamination on my mini albums but I'm just sure that we'll spill something on it during our trip and rather than scream at her (or her messy little brother) I decided to be proactive. I know, I know, personal growth.

I had all the supplies in my stash so this one didn't even cost me a penny. I love stash-busting!
And lest you think I didn't learn the proper way to use the "apostrophe s" on the end of her name, I do know that a name that ends with "s" doesn't need the extra one after the apostrophe. However, she's learning to read and recognizes that you need an "apostrophe s" to show something belongs to that person. And I'd rather be wrong for now than be constantly corrected by a 6 year old. So sue me. :)


The Washburns said...

You're amazing!

sinkthis said...

fun! FUN! Oh, the moment they meet Mickey for the first time is priceless! You all will have a blast:) and great idea with the autograph book.. they are super over priced! highly recommend the pin trading too, i honestly thought it would be corny, but it was really fun and kids eat it up... can't wait to see pix from it later!!