Monday, March 29, 2010

Allie Gator and Sal A. Mander

So, we have some new friends around here. G's is an alligator and J's is a salamander . . . hence their names. (I'm not counting these in the 31 projects because they were finished before my birthday but they're still cute . . . and deserve a post, don't you think?)
I had some random colors of yarn to finish so I whipped these guys up for some hand-puppet fun. Jo's was finished first and although I did measure it before I finished, it goes up into his armpit. I did a little better at fitting G's and tried an open-able mouth just to change things up. We've been having quite a few sneaky gator-bite attacks . . . nothing like having one of these guys reach around the corner and jump out at you when you're not looking . . . and for a salamander he's rather pinchy. And both new friends have been declared "security force" members, standing guard each night at the foot of their owners' beds. Whatever gets you through the night!

1 comment:

Jered said...

Very nice. Perhaps I'll commission you to make math puppets for me at some point. Sir Cumference and the lovely Princess Di Ameter.