Tuesday, April 10, 2007


We had a fabulous Easter! We started the day with a big breakfast at church . . . the men get there really early and do all the cooking for the ladies . . . I guess one day a year is pretty good! After the teens are done eating they go outside to hide the easter eggs for the little kids. I know easter egg hunting isn't really a part of church stuff on easter but it keeps the little kids busy outside while the adults do all the clean-up from breakfast and put the sanctuary back together for service . . . our church doesn't have a separate fellowship hall for meals so we have to put up and tear down all the tables and chairs each time we have a pot luck. Anyway, the hunt keeps the little kids out of their parents' way for a few minutes and makes getting ready for church much faster.

This year a bunch of our people had gone to see family in other places so the 300 eggs we stuffed with candy and pocket change were hunted by just 3 kids . . . and all the moms cringed at the thought of all that candy . . . we also did two bags-full for 2 kids who were going to be there but got strep the nite before and couldn't make it.

As you can see we didn't have any snow this year . . . the first year we were here it was soooo muddy that the kids ruined their new easter tights and shoes and we had to postpone church for a little while to give the families time to run home and change. But it was only about 40 degrees so she still wore her winter coat.

After church we went home to get Gennie down for a nap and then went to dinner at my parents' house. Dad grilled steaks and lamb chops . . . yep, still don't like lamb . . . so Kevin tried it with the mint jelly. He actually liked the lamb but I told him he would have to wait until easter every year for my mom to fix it because I'm not going anywhere near it! To me, it has such a nasty aftertaste that I can't stand to put it in my mouth. And it's not just pregnancy weird taste buds. Ugh, enough about lamb . . . I can still taste it.

After dinner we let Gennie dye her first batch of eggs. We had been in Salt Lake on Sat and got back really late so we didn't have time to dye her eggs. She loved it!

She loved wearing Kev's old shirt and didn't even spill the dye . . . but each time she dipped an egg out of the cups, she thought she was supposed to sip the liquid off the spoon . . . I'm not sure why she thought that was a good idea but after a good taste of vinegar water she changed her mind.

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