Thursday, April 26, 2007

Instructions, please!!

I saw this blankie idea on a blog that I found and LOVED IT right away. All you seamstresses out there - I need your help! It would be perfect for the Project Linus group I have joined to make handmade blankies for kids in stressful/life-threatening situations. Upon further investigations I found out that the idea came from a stuffed animal that had problems and was eventually just cut in half to save it from an un-bear-able end. Then the blanket was sewn to it. The whole thing is about 19 inches square and the blanket part was made of minky (?) fabric so it's really soft and washable . . . kid friendly. The chick said she had seen similar ones at the craft/fabric stores and finally sat down to try one of her own. She sells them on her website but I'd like to try and make my own. Obviously I wouldn't copy them entirely as it's her idea and she should get the credit but I'd love any thoughts/advice about how to do it myself. And bear in mind . . . I'm very much a beginner at sewing. I can follow a pattern, sew around corners, etc., but other than that . . . I'm way better at scrapping! Just ask my mom-in-law! Anyway, if you have help for me, either post a comment here or email me at And thanks for all your suggestions in advance!

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Jered said...

"Bear" in mind? HA!!!