Sunday, April 22, 2007


I took Gennie on Fri afternoon to sign up for preschool. She wanted to me tell you all . . . she is soooo excited to start. She thinks it's not fair that she has to wait until the fall to go but we keep telling her that after the baby gets here she can go to school. She'll be in a class of all 3 year olds meeting Tues-Thurs mornings for a couple of hours. She informed me the other day . . . "Mommy, I will go to school and Josiah will take a nap and you will vaccuum!" While I was signing the papers and filling out the insurance info, etc, she met a little girl that was very friendly and took her to play on the Little Tykes equipment they had . . . Gennie was VERY upset with me when I was all done with the paperwork and it was time to go home . . . especially since all she had waiting for her at home was a nap. Yes, she's 3 years old and still takes an afternoon nap . . . usually from 1:30 until 3:30 or 4. Awesome!! I get scrapping done or take a nap or work on pix or whatever. I plan to keep her napping as long as I can. And boy, oh boy, does she still need it. She is a cranky little beast if she skips naptime. I know, none of you can imagine her as a cranky little beast . . . trust me!


Grandma JoAnne said...

Isn't it great when she looks forward so much to school! It will sure give you some much needed time. Love the Easter pictures! Gennie looks like she had a really good time.
(I understand very well your feelings about eating lamb...YUCK! I think it tastes like sheep smell.) Give Gennie a big hug from Great-grandpa and me.
Grandma JoAnne

Jered said...

Sounds fun. I was just reading a checklist for what is expected out of kids heading into kindergarten, and our son already has two of the five. All he has to do is to write his name, use the big-boy toilet by himself and prove he can do well in a classroom and he's all set. Oh, and wait till 2010.