Saturday, April 28, 2007


So, as promised, here are some pix of the great golf game. The weather's actually in the 70's today so we went outside to play for a while. Kevin's still getting over the crud he caught this week . . . he's been home since Wed lunch.

We had hoped to get Gennie and Maggie out for a walk today but Kev's just not up to it yet so he and I sat in the lawn chairs and watched Gennie in her sandbox and golfing. I forgot how incapacitating it is to be preggo . . . just doing minor housework or sitting outside for an hour is enough to make me want a nap. And, oh, the body aches . . . I didn't have them with Gennie nearly as bad as I do this time. I feel like my whole body has been put together wrong.

Apparently Gennie has gotten over her fear of getting dirty . . . she climbed right into her sandbox and sat in the sand. Kev said while I was gone she did the same thing . . . Daddy must make her brave or something. And she actually squished a bug all by herself! I couldn't believe my eyes.


Samantha said...

SUper cute!! So excited about the weather today! Hope it stays this nice! Look at the form on that girl! :) She's a natural! (And needs to come teach my sissy boys how to squish a bug!!) :)

Grandma JoAnne said...

Wow, are you sure this isn't August? I thought for sure there would still be snowdrifts! I'll see what I can find out about the blankies. No promises but I'll check them out for you. Minkee is neat but it's a pain to sew on! Hope Kev feels better soon.

Love to all,
Grandma JoAnne