Tuesday, April 17, 2007

6 1/2 years and I still love that guy!

So, this will have to hold you for a little while. I was at Ladies' Retreat last weekend and didn't get any pictures taken, and Kev was home with Gennie and they did lots of fun things but he didn't think to get out the camera . . . apparently that's my job. He taught her how to golf with her little $5 club set in the yard and they played in her sand box and all sorts of fun stuff so maybe I'll get some shots of them when they go out to play again soon.

This shot was taken shortly after we got married in 2000, at our apt in Redding, CA. He had come home from work and was VERY ready to be in street clothes . . . he worked at a financial planning firm at the time and it was suits and ties everyday . . . but he couldn't get the tie off. He had pulled so hard on the knot that he had actually tightened it and had it wedged onto his head. Of course, I had to have a picture because he was so freakin' frustrated . . .

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