Monday, October 15, 2007

The infamous preschool portrait

So, here it is. The infamous preschool portrait. Apparently the most scary, terrible, "I-can't-believe-you-want-me-to-do-this-mom" experience in her life thus far. Part of me wishes the photo lady had included one of the other shots, before I took the picture. Just for comparison's sake. I found out later that she told the photo lady after I left that she usually smiles, she just didn't want anyone but Mom to take her picture. Now, I appreciate her loyalty and have to admit that I wish all my clients were like that . . . to a point . . . but I'm not always going to be available to "push the button" as she puts it. Hopefully next year she'll do better.

We did our family portraits today . . . for the Christmas cards, etc . . . and had my friend Valerie, who is also a photographer, take them for us. We have this arrangement where she shoots us and I shoot their family so neither of us have to pay for someone to do it. I think our husbands would kill us if we decided to pay someone to do portraits for us . . . it was bad enough getting Kev to agree to be in the family photos. Both kids did really well, until Kev and I wanted a few of just us. Gennie had a fit, so we let her stand at our feet and Val did head and shoulder shots instead . . . good thing Gennie can't read this yet . . . she thinks she was in all of them . . . hee hee. :) I'll post a few on here when I get them processed. I also did a few of Gennie holding Josiah sitting in a pile of leaves in our yard. Turned out really good, too, so I'll get them on here soon.

And now, just because they are cute:

Happy Monday!

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alliehoopes said...

Such a big part of being a child photographer is the children!!! So true. You won't be able to get a good picture if they're running away. Tough work, isn't it? :)