Tuesday, October 2, 2007

josiah by the numbers

had his 2 month appt last friday. all good things. here's what we found out:
13 and 2 1/2 -- pounds and ounces. almost double his birthweight in 2 months. i put him on the
scale and the dr said, "it's like weighing a side of ham!" he was also very pink
that day
25 -- inches long now, i think. i wasn't paying attention when he did the height.
16 -- cm head circumference. big noggin!
2 for every 4 -- tablespoons of karo syrup for ounces of water. he's a little stopped up so we
have to clear the pipes for him. he's a lot happier when we give it to him.
2 -- months to go before he gets to eat real food. well, rice cereal at least.
3 -- shots he had to get. 2 in one leg and one in the other. not a happy little man.
1 -- vaccination by mouth. the rotavirus one is now a syrup the dribble in while they cry.
it's fine for them to take but if they spit up or anything in the next 24 hrs you have to
sterilize anything the spit up lands on. causes incredible stomach issues (like, the
emergency room kind) in adults if ingested, even if it's on your hand and accidently
makes it into your mouth.
11:30 -- at night, the one time he threw up after the vaccinations. covered me and my side of
our bed. had to completely strip our bedding, from comforter all the way to the
mattress itself (thank goodness for mattress pads!). nothing like showering at
midnight and then trying to fall asleep.
1:15 -- am, he's hungry again and actually keeping down his food this time.


Bella said...

It is amazing how fast they do grow....pink ham --that is too cute!

I like your new pic of peas on your blog. Did you take it?

Jered said...

Justin Jordan always used to comment how early humans are weighed and measured like fish.