Monday, March 3, 2008

clearly blogging will be light this week...

So, since i am currently restricted to this lovely bit of fashion:

i can't do much on the computer this week. we're hoping it's not the early onset of carpal tunnel syndrome that happens to weave its way thru my genes. just started hurting last thurs and hasn't stopped . . . no indication as to why or what happened, no swelling or color, just immense pain when i move my fingers. probably shouldn't have pounded away on the piano for church yesterday . . . often they have to turn the levels for the piano down to about 1/8 on the sound board because i play so hard . . . since i knew something was wrong and when i went to sit down after the music my hand was shaking uncontrollably and screaming with pain. kev says he is going to fix me a stick about 8 inches long with a "finger" on each end so that as long as i can make a fist to hold it, i can still play. funny, funny guy.

but honestly i do have b'day photos to post and i'll get on it as soon as i can move my hand. pinky swear!

and yes, i typed this all with one hand . . . don't even ask how long it took me. i'll be back soon.

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