Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 months old . . . for 3 more days

So, I figured I'd better get these on here before Thurs when he turns 11 months old. Yeah, I'm right on top of things. He doesn't look much like a baby anymore - he's a little boy now. Here's what he's into:
- he's got the crawling thing down. And he's really quick.
- he often stands up alone without holding onto anything, straight from a sitting position.
- he's taken steps unassisted! His record is 4 in a row, but I was the only one who saw it. Bummer for Kev.
- he doesn't like oatmeal and still loves the rice cereal.
- he's learning to use sippy cups, although he still won't hold his own bottle. He knows how (because we've caught him when he thinks we're not looking) but wants us to do it for him.
- he gives great hugs and slobbery wet kisses. Especially to his daddy.
- he only says "mamamamamamama" when he's mad or wants to get down, but calls both of us "dadadadada" when he's happy to see us. Nice.
- he loves to wrestle, especially on the floor with Gennie on her SpongeBob couch. They flip it over and crawl all over it and he growls.
Love that boy!

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