Thursday, June 26, 2008

in case you haven't noticed . . .

I put up a new blog banner. Like it? Yeah, me too. Funny, I actually do love peas. So do Gennie and Josiah . . . Gennie loves them mixed into her mashed potatoes and won't eat potatoes without them. And as you can imagine we have quite a stockpile of little jars just like this in our pantry . . . anything it takes to get the boy to eat veggies.

Anyway, I'm quickly running out of "peace" quotes to use for banners. . . I have two more in mind so far . . . but I need more. Here are the ones I've used:
- Visualize world peace
- peace, love and happiness
- give peace a chance

I need your help. Leave me a comment on here with your best "peace" quote that I can use for a banner . . . no profanity, tho . . . my parents read this . . . and if I pick yours for a future banner, there just may be a fun surprise in store for you. Anybody?


Katrina said...

"May peace prevail on earth!" or "Imagine Peace"

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

“Peace if possible, truth at all costs.” --Martin Luther

"A little peace of mind"

"Peas (Please) pass the ..."

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.”

Where there is LOVE; there is PEACE;

Okay, that is all I have for now.
Peas Out!