Monday, June 16, 2008

our house's outside

So, as promised, here is the front of our house. Yes, it's on a slight slope . . . no, i'm not cocky-wallered . . . and I took this with my camera phone and it doesn't do horiz photos very well. The house looks smaller from the front but it goes back pretty deep on the lot and is almost 3000 sq. feet total. And since we have that big yard in the back it's nice that the front yard is not so big . . . cuts down on mowing time. For some reason the previous people liked to advertise their BBQ dinner nites and cooked in the front yard . . . we plan to use the back deck like most of America.

So there it is. Moving day will be July 5th so I'll post photos of that with all our friends and their trucks to help us. Only 2 weeks to go!! Wait . . . what did I say?!?!?

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