Sunday, June 22, 2008

wedding sneak peek #2

So, as promised, here are a few more of my favs from Mila and Dave's wedding. I have a ton more that I loved . . . well, all of them, really . . . but they would take forever to post so I'll just give you these. As I worked thru these I realized that I truly LOVE what I do. If I got to shoot everyday I would be so happy. I do get to take all the photos of my kids that I could ever want but there's something about getting to shoot for other people and capture them at their best . . . like weddings . . . or at their worst . . . not too many of those yet . . . that makes it all the more special to me. Anyway, enough schmultz . . . here they are:

And I love when I get totally surprised by a picture. This next one I shot with my biggest lens from behind a bush, and it was actually a shot of the whole hoopa (the tulle canopy) area with the bridesmaides and groom and preacher and half of the crowd. But when I got it onto the computer and was looking thru the ceremony shots I realized I got this awesome picture of the bride and her daddy . . . the look of pride on his face says it all. Wow, goosebumps.

And I LOVE how the grooms brother politely looked away for the kiss. Had to keep him.

Their table decorations were so cute with the apples. Of course, after 8 hours in the sun at 105 degrees they became baked apples so several people took them home to eat with vanilla ice cream.

Father-Daughter dance to "Dancing Cheek to Cheek":
Weddings . . . love 'em!

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Katrina said...

you got some gorgeous shots! It's a good thing you love what you do, cause you are really great at it! =)