Wednesday, November 19, 2008

how true it is .... you buy them the toys and all they want to play with is the box.

So, the people who sold us our house left this giant exercise ball in the basement. It's not really a treasure as it's mostly flat but the kids were thrilled to pieces to find it when we moved in. We let them keep it around for no particular reason except that we just couldn't face the screaming we know would ensue if it disappeared. It's got just enough air in it to bounce if they are both on it at the same time. Let's demonstrate how to play together:

Ahhhh, how sweet they are. Then, when your pain-in-the-butt sister decides to pull the ball out from under you:

But he's no dummy. She forgets he catches on fast and can return the favor:

Then he walks in front of you just as mom takes the photo:
At least we can be blessed by the fact that they play so well together. And he's finally old enough that the torture comes from both sides!

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