Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A nod to the Great Pumpkin

So, here's our halloween. We went out t-or-t-ing with Kellhofers then went back to their house for chili-cheese fries and cookie decorating. May I present Cinderella:

And Charlie Brown:

Yes, I put together his outfit that afternoon. I was planning something else entirely but couldn't find all the parts for it . . . I need a Target!!! . . . and since I was sick the whole week before halloween I just didn't get it together in time. So he and I made a run to Wally World while Gennie was at school and we got the stuff for Charlie Brown. And yes, the black squiggle doesn't meet on the sides but at least he had a costume, right? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Our usual suspects . . . with Avah the pirate and Ethan the cow:

Josiah wasn't impressed with the whole trick or treating thing . . . at the first place when the man opened the screen to hand out the candy Josiah screamed like a banchee and refused to get down so we took turns carrying him the rest of the way:

And the cookies. They always taste better when they sit on the counter overnight and then, providing that the dog doesn't climb up and steal them in the night, you eat them the next day. Gennie decorated a pumpkin and a ghost:

And all the candy corn you can eat . . . which is my favorite part, along with the roasted pumpkin seeds . . . that I still have to roast. I should get on that.

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