Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a tale as old as time

So, I got a new stove. Those of you who are here know the story but for the fam who haven't heard, here it goes. In reality, you all know the story:
-Boy comes home from work in a bad mood.
-Girl misreads him, thinks it's her fault, and keeps pestering him to find out what's wrong.
-Boy gets madder and refuses to speak to Girl.
-Girl, fed up with Boy's crap, takes a saucepan and slams it down on their glass-top stove.
-Stove shatters.
-Boy gets over himself and has a good laugh over the random, almost-never-seen temper tantrum of Girl.
-Girl calls repair place and finds out that stove-top can't be replaced.
-Girl has the "privilege" of buying a new stove.
See, it's an age-old story, right? The stove came with the purchase of the house so it's not like it was a huge loss, except that I had other things I wanted to spend business money on. Kev's only comment about the whole thing was "You were in a kitchen filled with unbreakable counter tops and a stainless sink - and you decide to attack the Glass-Topped Stove?!?!" Yeah, maybe not my best moment.
But out of it all I got this beautiful new stove:

I love it. It matches our fridge and eventually we'd like to switch all the appliances out to stainless steel and black . . . I just thought I'd do my part to move that plan along. :) And using the old one for several months now has proven to us that the glass-top thing is really overrated. It didn't heat evenly, was a pain to scrub when something boiled over and the oven had to be used carefully so the glass didn't get a thermal crack in it. Not a fan.

Now when Kev starts smarting off I just have to say, "Don't make me get my pot!" Wonder how long that will work.....

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