Tuesday, November 11, 2008

preschool year 2

So, I thought she did a way better job this year than last. We started talking about preschool photos really early so we wouldn't have the complete breakdown that we did last year when she refused to be consoled until I told the photog lady that I, too, am a photog and could I just click the button so she'll stop crying? Still not sure what caused that ridiculous meltdown. This year I couldn't stick around like I did last time because I had Josiah in the car, but little did she know that since there was no waiting in line I did peek back in and make sure she was okay. She just climbed up there and posed like a pro . . . snap, snap, snap . . . and she was back to playing with her friends. The group photo was a kick in that she was peeking down the line at her friend and not looking at the camera, and it turned out that her friend had her eyes closed at the time -- not their best work. I'm kinda wondering what the photog was thinking by printing that photo as the final hand-out one . . . with 22 kids to work with you'd think she'd have taken a bunch of shots . . . could that have been the best one, really? Oh well, I'm just glad I didn't bid the job this year. I had planned on it but I'm kinda moving away from doing big set-ups like that . . . I'm still more than willing to do it occasionally but I like the closeness of single-client sessions better. You get to know the people much better, and they get to know me.

Sorry the photo quality is kinda bad - it's a scan of one of the prints. But don't worry -- I'll be sending out fall portraits of both kids with our Christmas cards this year.

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