Friday, December 19, 2008

because I love my sister, demanding though she may be....

I decided I'd better update the blog. I've been so busy getting things ready for the last-day-of-school-before-the-holidays for both Gennie and Kev that I've barely left my spot at the end of the dining room table all week. I made these card gift sets for all three of Gennie's teachers as well as both of Kev's secretaries at the school. Each one had 12 cards and was a different color scheme but mostly the same card designs - no need to reinvent the wheel. And each came with envelopes all tucked inside the little "purse" holder. I couldn't find a paper I liked to go with the orange set so I made up a patterned paper of my own. No, wait, I didn't "make" the paper, I just stamped the pattern. It was a lot of work but totally fun, and as Valerie reminded me, teachers always love little handmade stuff but never have the time to make it themselves so I guess that's where I come in. And yes, I went thru 5 tape roller refills, no joke!Also, Gennie's Christmas program at church was last Sunday. She was a shepherd this year, "because I had to be a sheep last year and I don't want to do that again, Mom." She didn't have any speaking lines yet which was probably good because she started getting all stage-fright-y the night before and probably wouldn't have made it thru the program. She did get to hold a sheep and a "staff", tho!

I'm not sure what that face is that she's making but whatever. . . kept her from freaking out and that's the big thing. After the program was over Dad got up to say a few words in the way of a sermon and since there was no children't church . . . the kids were all in the program . . . I gave her my little camera to play with to keep her occupied. The result was a camera card full of photos of her sunday school papers as well as the obligatory self portrait:

And photos of us not paying attention to the pastor. Don't tell my dad.
ETA: There you are, Krista. Now you don't have to look at Josiah's sad face anymore. :P

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