Sunday, December 21, 2008

it's okay if kids say the "darndest things" . . . just not in front of Grandaddy!

So, apparently Josiah has finally developed a conscience. Gone are the days of innocent little boy just exploring his world. He knows when he's disobeying. And when he's been caught.

This morning at church he was running around during our worship team practice, following his Grandaddy around watering the church plants. Grandaddy went back to the kitchen to refill his pitcher and Josiah became interested in the drinking fountain in the hallway. He knows how to push the button to turn it on but is in no way tall enough to reach it to get a drink. But never mind that; he just enjoys pushing the button and watching the water. He's been told a bunch of times not to do it, and after a few reminders each week, he usually loses interest and is on to his next adventure.

Grandaddy started back down the hallway and as he passed Josiah, he shrugged his shoulders a little to loosen his neck muscles. Apparently Josiah wasn't expecting him . . . and was "caught" plotting his next assault on the water fountain . . . because he jumped and announced, "Crap!"

Keep in mind, Josiah has yet to speak much. He can say "more" & "dad" & "that" & "pop" but not much else. He doesn't even say "mom" with any regularity. We usually understand what he is trying to get across by putting together the clues but he's not actually saying words very often.

What perfect timing! His first bad word . . . well, bad word for a toddler . . . and Grandaddy gets to witness it!

That's going in the baby book!

ETA: In the photo above he wasn't actually in trouble for playing with the Christmas lights . . . he was just helping daddy stretch them out . . . but the look on his face is just about the same one he gets when he's caught.

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