Monday, December 8, 2008

supposedly it's a peek into my future.

So, I began my day with this. I keep the giant boxes of baking soda in the pantry to sprinkle when I vacuum . . . the joy of all dog owners, right? . . . and Josiah discovered my stash this morning. I was on the phone with my mom for two seconds (that's what we moms all say, right? "I only left the room/turned around/was completely occupied by something non-child-related for a second and . . . ) and was greeted with this scene. He didn't start crying until I hollered at him, and I must give him props for his penitent-ness because I believe he really was upset even if it was only because he got caught. I especially like the way a little bit of the baking soda actually landed in the bowl he so thoughtfully put out to catch the fun white stuff pouring out of the box at an alarming rate.

Kev's comment . . . after I called him and regaled him with the latest adventure, and the laughing and sputtering subsided . . . was, "And to think, this is just a glimpse into your future as the mom of a boy." Thanks for the pick-me-up, babe. Love ya.

In other news, we went this past weekend to get our Christmas tree. More photos to come, but here's a couple to whet the ol' whistle:

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