Monday, December 1, 2008

turkey day.

So, we had a fabulous turkey day. My sister Krista and her husband Joey came as well as my Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Frank so we had a great houseful. Here's a peek at our day:

We started defrosting the turkey(s) on Monday because our fridge is freakishly cold and we wanted to make sure they would defrost in time. By Wed morning they . . . I was afraid a 12 pounder wouldn't be enough for all of us so we added in a whole turkey breast . . . were still frozen solid so we put them in a water bath to speed it up. Our sink is too shallow to soak a turkey in and Kev thought the idea of floating them in our bathtub was too weird . . . he had flashbacks to that Seinfeld episode when Kramer makes a whole meal while he's bathing and that was too much for him . . . so we filled up a cooler with water and let them float in there instead. The kids loved it and kept checking on them all day.

The whole point of having the dinner at our house was so I could cook my first Thanksgiving meal. We've been married since 2000 and I still hadn't had to do my own yet. But . . . when it was time to prep the turkeys and get them into the oven I was up to my armpits in Pumpkin Cheesecake and Apple Pie so Kev came in to help. I told him what needed to be done to get it buttered and seasoned and into the oven . . . and he did all the work!! I STILL HAVEN'T HAD TO MAKE THE TURKEY!!!! Eight years and going strong! And Kev wants Chinese for Christmas dinner so I think I'll make it thru this holiday season scott-free!

The rolls:

And the Before-Food:

And the boys watching football:

Josiah joined in . . . good thing he already knew "Touchdown" so he could "teach" Uncle Frank!

And we even got the guys to help peel potatoes:

Our table decorations . . . Gennie, Ruthie and I made a turkey for each place setting.

I totally thought I wasn't in any photos since I'm usually the one behind the camera but apparently I had some help this year because I turned up a bunch!

And the pies. I've had that recipe for pumpkin cheesecake forever and had never tried it. Freaking amazing! I'll keep that one in the arsenal for sure. We also had plain pumpkin (P) and coconut pumpkin (C) and Apple (for Kev who is decidedly anti-gourd in his dessert preferences).

Anyway, it was a great day and we had a blast eating and hanging out and just being family. I'm so thankful for the family I belong to and hope to have many more years like this to come!

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sinkthis said...

What fun! Fun to see your family.. reminds me of all the time we spent together back in the day!