Tuesday, February 16, 2010

first the library, now Walmart?

So, this kid is gonna get me in trouble. Or at the very least, kill me from embarrassment.
We had to make a Walmart run today. . . ugh . . . I hate that place . . . so we ran over there after bible study this morning to grab what we needed and get out of there as fast as possible. Jo did really well, keeping busy with his Goldfish and talking to everyone we passed, and in all honesty it was a good, uneventful trip.
Until the end.
Lately Jo has been really interested in pointing out colors he recognizes, whether its around the house, something we pass in the car, store shelves, etc. It's like an I-Spy thing he does, saying the color and making us guess what item he's talking about. Usually I'm all for it.
Until today.
I paid the lady at the check-out and turned to get the last bags off the turn-around thingy. Jo was sitting in the front of the cart trying to put his own jacket on. Suddenly he got all kinds of excited, pointed wildly and announced, "That's BLACK!!"
I was trying to maneuver the cart out of the way of the ridiculously pushy people behind us who apparently thought the check-out lady was going to reshelve their items if they didn't swipe their card before she finished scanning their stuff. I narrowly missed being rammed by Pushy Pete and looked around quickly to see what Jo was pointing to.
That's right, folks. It was a delightful African-American man standing in the customer service line.
Of course there were people all around us, and Jo's not a quiet kid in anything he does so I'm sure they all heard him. My mind scrambled to think of a way to recover this. Luckily the person in front of our subject was wearing a black shirt so I quickly stage-whispered, "Yes, he is WEARING A BLACK SHIRT, isn't he?" hoping the crowd would believe me.
But no, the kid didn't let me off that easy. "No, Mom, THAT! I like black!" And the pointing continued. I whispered fiercely, "Okay, Jo, that's enough!" and all but ran for the door.
Hooray for Ethnicity Awareness!

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The Washburns said...

You seriously have to write a book...A Day in the Life of Amy...