Thursday, February 25, 2010

somebody had a birthday

So, for the next four days Kev and I are the same age. . . again. We took the birthday boy out to Applebee's for supper and made his open his presents while we waited for our food.
My parents found him this fantastic sweatshirt . . . and Josiah screamed "Go Niners!"
Jo picked out a special gift for his dad: an electronic poker game, to practice on between Guys' Nights:Love that guy! After supper we wanted to go out for ice cream at Coldstone but they were already closed so we got Frosties at Wendy's instead. (we'll go to Coldstone next week for my bday - blueberry muffin batter, here I come!)I got him a digital guitar tuner and cord and Gennie got him a "family night":: a movie we can all watch, popcorn, candy and Chex Mix (since Kev hates popcorn).Then, instead of birthday cake, I made this to celebrate with homegroup:It's a platter of cupcakes:
I got the recipe out of the book Hello, Cupcake! that my mom got me for Christmas. I LOVE IT!! The noodles are just frosting and the sauce is strawberry preserves and the meatballs are Fererro Rocher hazelnut candies. They tasted even better than they look!
Happy Birthday, Kev! Love you so much!


sinkthis said...

i am LOVING the 49ers gear! i have a very similar t-shirt. happy birthday to 2 wonderful people!!!

Schnackenberg's said...

Yummm. I had know idea that Coldstone could make blueberry muffin batter. For sure that is what I am having next time!!