Monday, February 8, 2010

superbowl 2010

So, we hosted the superbowl party again this year and loved it! There were a few less people than last year (when we squeezed 40+ into our living room) due to sickness and people moving away but 22-ish was still a great time! I took a few photos during the game but they're kinda blurry so I'll spare you but here is a taste of our weekend.

Josiah was desperate to help us clean up for company so he got out his vaccuum and got to work. Being the thorough kid that he is, when the floors were finished he got out his Swiffer duster and made sure the big vaccuum was spic-n-span:

Last year Kev BBQed burgers and hot dogs but missed a bunch of the beginning of the game because he was freezing outside on the deck so we decided to order the Big Sandwich from Subway this year.
Since I didn't have any decorations to put up we busted out the jerseys. Yes, my whole family has 49er-wear and I don't. And yes, I bought this Denver jersey a few years ago for halloween back when Cutler still played for them. But annoying my husband every time I put it on is well worth not fitting in with my family: "Really? It had to be a Broncos jersey? Of all the teams in the NFL ...."
And since the Saints won, Jo had to dig out his Mardi Gras beads. Any reason to bust out the bling!
And even the kids had a great time, playing all over the house. Gennie's room was a complete disaster and so was the front room and the whole basement. But everyone kicked in and it's all back to normal. I think Gennie and Josiah had forgotten about half of the toys that their friends dug out - it was like Christmas morning with all the "new toys!"
Next year -- caramel Cheetos, baby!

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sinkthis said...

I'm with Kevin... the only thing worse would be a Cowboys jersey!! Good game, good friend and good food! What could be better?