Thursday, February 11, 2010

i guess he told us

So, yesterday when G came home from school she went in to say hi to her brother. Entering his room she said in sing-song voice, "Hi Jo Jo, I'm hooooome!"

He looked at her disdainfully and said, "My name not Jo Jo. Name's Josiah. I'm not a baby. I a big boy right now."

Again, I had to leave the room to keep from laughing in his face. I came back and asked him if we aren't supposed to call him Jo Jo anymore or just for today. He said, "I not Jo Jo anymore. Big name's Jo-SI-ah."

I'm not sure what's brought on this sudden grown-up-ness but I guess I can't argue with his logic. I told G that when she started school they have to call her by her big name, so maybe he's just starting a little earlier.

Now, if only we could get this newly "grown-up" boy to use the toilet.

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