Wednesday, March 28, 2007

21 weeks

So I'm at 21 weeks now. Sorry for the possessed look in my eyes . . . I didn't think he was really going to take it right then . . . but he did. I decided that I'd better put at least one picture on here of me, besides that horrible one from my birthday. I have been in no mood to have my pix taken lately because I'm down to just a few outfits I can still wear and am tired of wearing the same thing again and again . . . but I guess that's what happens to us all when we're preggo. Since there's not many stores around here . . . and hardly any that sell maternity anything . . . I ordered some pants online but they take FOREVER to get here. I guess that's what we gave up when we moved out here to the Wilderness. Oh, for a Target . . .
We have decided on a name for the little munchkin. Josiah Michael Anderson. Kevin got to pick it out this time . . . of course, I had input, too . . . and this is the one we loved the best. And the kids' names go well together . . . Genesis and Josiah. Sounds good. Funny thing, tho . . . Josiah means "God will heal." We're hoping this is not a peek into the future for this kid. I envision broken bones and myself a nervous wreck everytime he leaves the house . . .
We woke up to no hot water this morning. There is a fatty boy storm system moving thru here this week and the winds yesterday were sooooo bad . . .blew out the pilot light on the water heater. Haven't had that happen before. The maintenance guy came and said it was just a fluke thing . . . seems to happen when the wind is from the south . . . and there were others in the park that he had to go relight this morning. Where in the world do we live . . . ? In the Old Testament there's the stories of the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years . . . well, between here and Evanston is truly a wilderness and we can imagine just what they were wandering thru. No people, no structures, scarce water. Oh well, Wyoming's still a great place to raise kids and that's what's important.
Gotta go do all the housework that requires hot water.

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