Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Grumpy's horse

Can you believe it? Two posts in two days! I must not have enough to do! We spent a ton of time this past weekend cleaning up the clutter that has accumulated in the spare bedroom . . . since Gennie moved to her big girl room . . . to get ready to add new baby stuff. We had kinda been just sticking random stuff in there that didn't have a home otherwise . . . and most of it got thrown out in the dump run . . . must not have been that important to save after all. Gennie has always been terrified of the rocking horse that Kevin's Grumpy made . . . so it's been sitting in there out of sight . . . but she was thrilled to see it this time so we got it out and showed her how to climb on. She still doesn't like getting off of it . . . her friend Avah has a new plastic one and Gennie fell off of it getting down a few weeks ago . . . ended up with a huge purple bruise on her butt cheek . . . but she can climb on all by herself now, after much practice.

We took these pix to send to Grumpy to show him another generation of Anderson kids having fun with it. All Gennie needs now is the hat and chaps and boots . . . as if her daddy would actually let anything remotely cowboy into the house. :) I couldn't believe it when I married him . . . he actually had Garth Brooks cd's in his car . . . but he swears he hasn't listened to them since high school.


Janna4Jesus said...
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Janna4Jesus said...

Hi Amy!
Your sister just threw your blog address in an email she sent me. Boy was I surprised to see that Gennie is already a grown up little girl! It sure feels like yesterday that you were pregnant with your first! I will have to check in now and then to see your progress with your little boy.
I hope all is well with you an yours. Things are fantastic here in Montana. Just working at the newspaper and enjoying time working with a youth group out of Laurel. It's a great life.
Lots of Love,
Janna Huhtala