Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Well, we don't want to get our hopes up but it almost feels like spring here today. Gennie and I went outside for a while to play with sidewalk chalk. She has been asking for it since right after Christmas but the snow has finally melted off and the sun actually works . . . well, kind of.

She can draw people figures now . . . at least they are recognizable as head, arms and legs . . . and has been drawing them on just about every surface she can . . . we've been running around after her to slip paper underneath whatever writing utencil she happens to be using.

If the wind wasn't blowing it would probably be around 60 degrees today. (Grandma Joann, you remember the wind, don't you?!) But with wind chill it's about 40 or so. My parents have been in Redding visiting Krista and Joey and have been enjoying the 80's there . . . but they're missing all our nice weather and by the time they get back, it will probably be back in the low 30's with snow and ice and all that lovely spring Wyoming stuff. We don't actually get excited for the warmth until at least after Easter . . . and we don't even attempt to plant anything until Memorial Day. Love that high desert . . .

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