Sunday, March 4, 2007


Well, Gennie's been on a few shoots with us, wouldn't you say? I was going thru my shots from this last Christmas ... yeah, so I'm not exactly caught up on my scrapbooking ... at least I've gotten her birthday book done for this year ... and I found these that I took on christmas morning before my parents got here for breakfast and presents. We usually do christmas eve at their house after we drive around town and look at the lights ... and attend the christmas eve service if we're having one ... and then christmas morning they come over and open presents with us. Anyway, I took these fun shots for no reason as we were finishing up prep on breakfast and waiting for them to get here. She did all the posing herself with no coaching from me ... but obviously she's been paying attention on the shoots ... and even the head tip is hers. She loves looking thru the pix with me after I do a senior shoot or a family. And she always wants to know the person's name in the pictures. She usually remembers it, too, and will go thru them when the prints come back and tell me who's who in the pix.

For her birthday we got her the new Fisher-Price digital camera for kids. Of course, it's bright pink and encased in an easy-to-hold-on-to rubberized hard body that can apparently be thrown down a hill and still work ... thankfully we have yet to test this. It holds about 50 pix on its internal hard drive so we didn't have to buy a card for it. It only has 5 buttons on it ... the on button, the shutter, forward and back for viewing the pix and the trash button. It's really easy for her to use and she took to it right away. We gave it to her on her birthday trip to the zoo and she used up the 50 pix just on that visit. She did pretty good, too ... she kept telling the animals "now, just one more, okay now turn your head this way, great now look at me" etc. She cracked me up! Now that she has her own camera maybe I'll turn her loose for these weddings that I keep being asked to do this coming summer. It's really ironic ... we decide to have another kid, and that very same summer - when I'll be completely out of commission - I get called for 7 wedding gigs. I've decided not to shoot after April because I don't want to have to haul all my stuff along with a gigantic stomach around trying to shoot a wedding. I'm one of those photographers who doesn't mind getting dirty or wet or whatever to get the shot so I don't think I'll be much use doing a wedding in my condition. (I once did a senior shoot lying on my face with my butt in the air in the gutter at the bowling alley because the kid wanted to pose in his favorite lane. And another wanted an impossible shot that required that I get mid-thigh deep in the fast-moving current of the Green River to get it right. Whatever!) Anyway, I guess I'll just have to pray that God will send more shoots my way once I can move again!

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