Thursday, March 15, 2007

I can't wait!

We were supposed to have our ultrasound done today but they called us and said they had scheduled the dr triple booked for the next 3 weeks! (someone should be fired!) Anyway, they wanted to do it on Mar 29 but I told them I couldn't wait any more so they gave us an appt with a different dr for Mar 19. I don't think I can wait over the weekend . . . I mean, I know I have to but it's been eating at me for 5 months now and I desperately want to know what this little munchkin is. We didn't find out with Gennie and that was unbearable . . . I have no idea how we did that. And it really doesn't matter to us who the dr is that does the ultrasound . . . we are seeing a midwife/np for everything but the actual c-section . . . so it doesn't really matter who we get. By the time I'm ready to deliver I'll be happy to see anyone with a scalpel and a spinal block needle.

Whether it's a boy or girl, we've decided to do the decor in Noah's ark animals. I found this fleece fabric at WallyWorld and couldn't pass it up. It's supposed to be jungle animals but it's just so cute! I had seen it months ago before we got pregnant and loved it then . . . but once we found out about this little one I went back and the fleece was gone . . . thank you, Walmart . . . then when it was finally there again I bought a huge piece. I made this blanket (in the picture) and two receiving-blanket-sized ones out of it. I put the edging on the big piece and of course ran out so I had to get more. Gennie has been so excited about this baby . . . everyday she comes up with something else that she wants to "share" with the baby. Yesterday she was wanting to give it her old sandals that don't fit anymore. I told her that if it's a boy it will have to get boy sandals when it's big enough. A little later she came up to me and said she wanted a sister. I asked why and she said, "Because boys can't wear my fun sandals!"

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Grandma JoAnne said...

I'm so glad you're having "warm" weather! Yes, I remember that wind all too well!!! Those pictures of Gennie are so cute. She is growing to be quite the young lady. I'm almost as anxious as you to find out if it's a boy or a girl so tell that doctor to hurry up! Inquiring minds need to know.