Friday, May 4, 2007

yesterday's to-do list

1. work on gift album for shower on Sat.

2. clean master bath. Should take just about all of my energy for today so thankfully I have plenty to do otherwise that just requires sitting still.

3. come up with games for the shower. my friend Kendra is hard at work coming up with some, too, so hopefully between us we'll have some that haven't been played at every shower since the beginning of time.

4. find sunglasses/trenchcoat for church on sunday. I am co-directing Vacation Bible School again this year and Lisa and I are going to start the advertising announcements this sunday during church. The theme is about spies/top secret info this year so we're dressing up like spies and hamming it up really big for the kids. Do they even make trenchcoats that fit at 6 1/2 months preggo?

5. store run for salad makings for the shower.

So, all I got done was the cleaning of the master bathroom and working on the gift album. I was right, even tho it wasn't that dirty, the cleaning and reaching and all did me in. Oh well, at least I can still crochet when I just have to sit still. I'm working like mad to finish the blankie I'm making for the boy . . . later on when we move him into his Big Boy Room, we're planning to decorate with Calvin and Hobbes stuff . . . tiger stripes and little boy overalls . . . pawprints and shoe prints running rampant all over the room . . . so I'm making him a tiger skin blankie to go with. We would have done the C&H motif now except that you really can't find anything for baby rooms in that design. So we'll stick with the noah's ark stuff for his baby room and change it when he moves at 2 y/o or so. That will also make it special for his "big move into a big kid's bed" and all. But I have to say, my friend Kendra and her sister and mom are doing a shower for us on May 12 and they did everything in the Calvin and Hobbes motif!!! I love it. Here's pix of the invite, and I'm told the cake will be really similar, too. Can't wait!!! I'll post pix when I have them.

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