Monday, March 10, 2008

birthdays, sans wrist brace

So, I'm back. Wrist is better . . . the pain left as abruptly as it came although I still can't put any weight on it . . . so I'm back on the computer. As promised here are some photos from our birthdays. Kev's was first so he gets to go first:

He wanted diner french toast for his birthday breakfast . . . is anyone really surprised? We went to the bowling alley restaurant . . . sorry the photo sucks . . . all I had with me was my camera phone. I got him a poker table top for poker nights and it came with a bunch of chips and cards and dice. The guys meet at different houses each time and no one has a real man-cave set-up so he can take the table top with him wherever they are. He was thrilled!
My parents came over for enchiladas and Blondies . . . like a brownie but made with butterscotch . . . and gave him a Third Day cd, some plastic cards you can use outdoors, in the water, etc, and golf tees.

The next Sat was my big day. Yes, I'm older. Anyway, I wanted Golden Corral for lunch because I love their Bourbon St. Chicken and lucky me, they had it that day. I also love their Lemon bars and brownies for dessert.
Krista sent me socks from that LittleMissMatched place and I got a scrapbook tool organizer from Kev and a gift cert. from my parents to the scrapbook place here. Yeah! Perpetuate my habit!! Gennie swiped my camera and took photos during the presents, although she didn't take any of me. Anyway, Happy Birthday to Us! Here's to Many, Many More!

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