Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter 2008 part I

Okay guys, it's Easter and we're going to get at least one photo of you together.

Gennie, sit still so I can put your brother on your lap.

No, don't squeeze him, he'll poop. Wow, the red-eye. I'll be Photoshopping later. Okay, let's try that again. Josiah, look at Mommy!

Now what are you looking at, Gennie? Don't hold him so tight. He can sit still on his own. Okay, again.Good Boy, Josiah! That's a nice smile, Gennie, but let's try it again without you hiding behind him. And WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT??? Look at Mommy!And there's my keeper!


Jered said...

I love this. I love the story between the pictures. I will probably copy you from the shots we did on Easter.

Samantha said...

Glad you got a keeper! Your kids are adorable! :)

eagleton4 said...

So cute! I love the last one! They are both so beautiful!